Trust issues!

She gave so much to the people who didn’t deserve her that now she is scared to show herself to the people who are worth her efforts!

There was this time when she believed in anything she was ever told.. So people stuffed her ears with lies and betrayals.. Now, she is scared. She is scared to get anyway closer to anyone because she knows all those who wanted her once, certainly left.. She scared from all the scars and marks, she has received from her past! She has created a wall around her.. A wall which makes her rather invisible to the world because one more clattering of her heart would shatter her entire existence!

#Scratch writingsπŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

The day when we first met

I felt like I have known you forever

Shared all of my secrets

And the things I hadnt admitted ever..

Within a period of time, beneath the mask

I got to know the real you..

Shielded with arrogance and attitude

I met a caring boy, with a heart so true.

I know, I said I would leave

But none of this is true..

Cause since that day I have been thinking

How meaningless life is without you..

I guess, I will leave it on time

Time will reveal what lies ahead..

But don’t forget the love you saw in my eyes

When you think of the words I had said..

You are my personal sunshine.

And how can I think of a life without you..

Cause everytime you said you love me..

I know, You felt my love in the air too..


Heya..Not in the mood for greetings today, so putting my point straightaway..

What do you feel about parents?..They are the bestest gift of God.. They are actually God in disguise.. They sacrifice all of their comfort for us..

But lately I have realised (I dont know if you have or haven’t) that parents force their dreams on us.. They want us to live the life that wasn’t available to them.. What they want from us is to live our lives, the way they want us to..To listen to everything they say..They want us to put aside all our dreams, aspirations, ambitions to fulfil their constant demands of scoring and getting a comfortable lifestyle..

When we are born, well then they can’t ask for anything cause we are too young to listen to them..But when are young, they control us in the forms of punishments and praises..

You completed your homework on time, now you are a good girl”..

“You didn’t greet Banglore wali taiji (the aunt from Banglore), how illmannered are you?..”

Score good marks in your board exams”

“Get admitted to a decent college”

“Mrs. Kakkar’s daughter is having a package of 12 lacs, why are you always redeeming in front of all my friends?”

“When I was about your age, I used to cook so well”

“You have been provided everything na, so you won’t understand its worth”..

And when we get older, when we try to neglect all their words, they try to blackmail.

Your father won’t be able to digest all your deeds..Something bad will happen to him..

We are only asking you to meet the boy.. We are quite broadminded we aren’t asking you to marry him..

All we want is for you to be happy..

We have been through your age..We have seen the world more than you.

Unfortunately, parents think marriage is the magical solution to every problem around us..The only we now are being asked of is tosettledown…

I wish I could someday explain all my feelings to my parents..More than that what I crave for is them to understand..I know they will never know what it feels with everyone to love you but no one to understand..