The inspiring butterfly..

Have you ever tried to catch a butterfly??
Ever felt the happiness when she comes sailing by??

The tiny little creature,
So small yet beautiful..
The joy she gives to everyone
Makes an adult feel so youthful..

But little do we all think
The butterfly didn’t grow up in a blink
The powdered wings now hidden under the shrub
Once belonged to a green fat grub..

The grub(caterpillar) whose routine
was only to eat,crawl and stare..
Who knew would turn into a dazzling butterfly,
We see walking in the air..

Well this cycle is a lesson for humans to learn..
Who start the task with the intention to adjourn..
The people whose achievements & ambitions can make the stars dance..
Only if they themselves would give  each other a chance..

So, whenever you see a butterfly dance in the street..
Know you could be one of greatest person, the world will ever meet..πŸ’œ..

A shout out to all the girlfriends out there…

Originally posted at The Markanday blog by one of my favourite bloggers Karan Markanday..

Please please take a look!!..Its worth a minute of yours..❣️

First off, it’s my sincere request to all the feminists to stay away from this very sensitive topic. Dear Girlfriends (of their respective boyfriends πŸ˜‹), I keep hearing this all the time, my boyfriend is controlling, he stops me talking to certain people, he doesn’t let me do this, do that, I feel suffocating, I […]

And reblog it if you find it worthwhile..P.S. It certainly is!!β£οΈπŸ’š

The bird with broken wings..!!

She felt suffocated with every breath she took..It wasnt as if people didn’t love her..The kind of pampered kid she was, she was blessed with every thing a girl would die for..But still she felt choked..

She was the bird trapped in a cage. All her wishes were fulfilled before she actually wished for…The only thing she was devoid of was freedom..The bird was not allowed to fly..

People wanted her to smile..They used to say that her smile lightens the room..But they didnt want  her wings to develop..How could she smile with her wings broken??

There were people to love her…(Yeah!! Love her with terms and conditions..)But there was no one to understand her..No one to lend her a shoulder to cry..

She was surrounded by a bubble of love and care..But with time that bubble neglected love and care and was only full of posession..

The bubble inside which she once felt safe and found solace, now suffocated her..

And now she was exhausted…Tired from everything..!Neither crazy nor smiling..!!


My hands fold every moment to pray

That our love will never fade away..

Baby,ur love moves in the pulses of my vein..

Can’t get you out of my cerebrum,cerebellum huh, the whole brain..

Your love increases with every breath I take,

Spreads like the smile my lips make..

It never makes me feel any kind of grief

Your love is the spring’s purest leaf..

Never met anyone so deprived of flaws

How did I get so lucky,well! Who knows..


Missing you comes in waves,
And tonight I am drowning..
The demons in my head are driving me insane..
Its all with worries I am here, crowned in..

Need you here to quiten my mind,
Want some assurance..
Few words of love or a word kind..

My entire essence is attached now
With all the beats of your heart..
The moment I don’t feel your presence..
All of me, the pulses, the veins tear apart..πŸ’œ

HBD Mayank Sir!!πŸ’œ

Arent birthdays amazing??πŸ˜…

Have heard somewhere that we shouldn’t celebrate this special day of ours because with every birthday of ours we get an year older..πŸ™ˆ

But I don’t quite agree..We should make everyone feel special on their birthday..

I don’t know what else to say..

So am revealing a fact over here 

And it is:


Today is the birthday of a coblogger of mine (and a truly amazing friend,an incredible poet and my favourite human) Mr. Mayank Sen..

Wish you a very happy birthday Mayank Sir..You know na we (me and the whole school) love you a lot!! May you have all the love, happiness, success of the wholeeeeee worldddd..Stay blessed hmesha..❀️

You guyz can visit him at

Ray of light..

Once I met this girl
who created memories in her head..
She held hostage of her past
As she laid at night on her bed..

The days of despair had blinded her sight
She needed to awaken
As she was loosing the fight..

She had now found sunlight on her way
Her kids are her saviour
They release the burden that wanted to stay..

Now whenever I see that girl
I no longer see her cry..

Despite the negativity in the world
There is hope in her eye..