Heya..Not in the mood for greetings today, so putting my point straightaway..

What do you feel about parents?..They are the bestest gift of God.. They are actually God in disguise.. They sacrifice all of their comfort for us..

But lately I have realised (I dont know if you have or haven’t) that parents force their dreams on us.. They want us to live the life that wasn’t available to them.. What they want from us is to live our lives, the way they want us to..To listen to everything they say..They want us to put aside all our dreams, aspirations, ambitions to fulfil their constant demands of scoring and getting a comfortable lifestyle..

When we are born, well then they can’t ask for anything cause we are too young to listen to them..But when are young, they control us in the forms of punishments and praises..

You completed your homework on time, now you are a good girl”..

“You didn’t greet Banglore wali taiji (the aunt from Banglore), how illmannered are you?..”

Score good marks in your board exams”

“Get admitted to a decent college”

“Mrs. Kakkar’s daughter is having a package of 12 lacs, why are you always redeeming in front of all my friends?”

“When I was about your age, I used to cook so well”

“You have been provided everything na, so you won’t understand its worth”..

And when we get older, when we try to neglect all their words, they try to blackmail.

Your father won’t be able to digest all your deeds..Something bad will happen to him..

We are only asking you to meet the boy.. We are quite broadminded we aren’t asking you to marry him..

All we want is for you to be happy..

We have been through your age..We have seen the world more than you.

Unfortunately, parents think marriage is the magical solution to every problem around us..The only we now are being asked of is to settledown…

I wish I could someday explain all my feelings to my parents..More than that what I crave for is them to understand..I know they will never know what it feels with everyone to love you but no one to understand..


Lifemates Vs Soulmates..💛

Heya..As promised, Here am I breathing and back😊

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about lifemates and soulmates..Being an Indian, most of the marriages I have witnessed around me are arranged ones..Yeah, Its true that I have seen these couples fight rarely..And while there are no great disagreements or fights, I now realise, I have never seen them bring out the best in each other..These people compromise, adjust and stay in the marriage like everyone else who never have too much to complain about..

But with soulmates, it is different..Their love is different comforting..Their feelings are different..With our soulmate, we transform..Our soulmates, bring the best in us..We turn into something we never thought we would one day become..We learn from each other, we help each other grow..Its not like soulmates are similar but its the variety in their nature that makes their relation dynamic..They fight, but they make up.. They have their own code of understanding..They hurt each other’s ego and cause turmoil..They have a deep connection with each other’s consciousness..There is an intensity..There is a knowing that magnetically attracts each other..They not only bring the best but at times, the worst in each other..Their relationship works without any work..Amazing life lessons are conferred through such a relation..

A soulmate’s purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to tranform your life.” ~

Elizabeth Gilbert

Have you ever had this brief encounter with someone?..Have you ever had someone who made you acquaint all of the talents that you are now praised for?..Have you ever met someone with whom you had felt this internal connection that the universe won’t understand?..That someone who despite all the arguements was special in his own way..

P.S. Having been spend around one fourth of my life..Never have I ever experienced seeing any couple that could be regared as “soulmate”..(Maybe, soulmates aren’t meant to be😞).

If you are with your soulmate or have seen someone like that..Feel free to share your experience..♥️

Thank you❤️

Hello people!..Hey!

I know I haven’t posted anything new since a long time..Actually I was busy..

Well!..Whom am I kidding!!..Certainly was not that busy as not to blog ( That is inexcusable, I feel)…Lets just frame it this way that I wasn’t in the best of my humour these days..But today I dont know why I felt like talking to my ‘Nameless friends!!..

More than everything it is a Thank You post..

Thank You each an everyone of you for being there..You all mean a lot to me( Trust me, everyone of you)..I never understood when all my random blabbering shifted to a soothing relation between us..The virtual connection that I have set up with you all is strangely comforting💛.. Yeah! There are a few among us who are there here between us for popularity and likes and followers or money making (Ouch, Truth sometimes hurts) but with some of you I have developed this genuine relationship.. A lot of you have been there with me in my ups and downs..This platform is more than a social networking site for me, you all help me release all of my stress..You all release me from all of the burden in my life..

So Thank you so much everyone for being there everytime I felt low..(Someone or the other from you was always here)..All of you are doing an amazing job inspiring the novice kinds of people like me..💛Within your company, I have found my inner self..

Stay blessed dosto😊..You have been my friend, that in itself is a tremendous job..😉

And from now on, I promise I will try to be regular here..Sorry for the delay in the post..Hope you all will forgive..🙈😊

Enjoying festivities ??

The festive season is soon to arrive..
But a girl will then find it hard to survive..

Between the enlightening lanterns and lights..
For her it will be a lonely night..

She is searching for a ray of guidance to see
But all her near ones can’t hear her plea..

She started a fire, which she doesnot know how to light..
She feels so helpless, she has given up her sight..

She watches the joy on people’s faces
Excited about their celebration
But there she is devoid of any emotion
Completely lost from her destination…

 Turn the pages..

The books and stories she read from within
Have developed a mark on her skin..
The characters are the people she know in disguise
All of the plot roam around her eyes..

The kind of girl the epics were about
She could hear the voices that wanted to shout..
She read everything, typed, handwritten or on ink
I wonder, would she float with the feelings or would she sink

If you will look at her eyes,
They are deeper than the well
She lives on her own, or belonged to someone
Well, That you cant ever tell..💞

Story of her life..

Her soul wandered alone
In search of someone,who could handle her with prons and cons..

Someone who was ready to make her feel worthwhile
Someone who was ready for her to walk a thousand mile..

And then like it happens in the fairytale
She found him as the clouds between hail..

He looked like a prince from a disputed province
And could feel her pain in her ever wince..

He was Perfect, what people call Mr. Right
Someone who ate after she grabbed her bite..
He looked at her, as she was the most desirable
He loved her for being herself, the reasons weren’t quite reasonable..

The fairytale soon ended and the reality struck..
When he understood the things she always sucked..
He was so close to her,she made him see her flaws..
And he understood the difference between cuckoos and crows…

He understood that she wasn’t that good at all
Yet, he caught her at her every fall..

Inside the superwoman he had met
He saw the kid who hadnt matured yet..

The gal who couldnt handle herself at her worst
The gal whose love wasnt enough to fill her thirst..

But little did the young man knew
That the gal loved him upside down
She was ready to shoff the head of someone
Who would make the guy’s forhead frown..

He was everything,she had ever owned..
He was her baby,her newborn..
He wasnot just her life, but the love of her existence..
But he left her for the defects of maintenance..

He couldnot understood, well no one ever will
For she was found along the coast,the mound of hill
Which is crippled by the notorious kids
The ones who arent intentional to tatter her to tits..

She was always insecure,posessive and obsessed
Because for the pains in her life, she needed his shoulder to rest.

He mistook her insecurities as mistrust
The way love is equally compared to lust..
The youngman should have known
He was the only posession, she owned..

But everything was a bit late,

Because now her mind was filled with the thoughts she ate..

She had affected his mind

Well suggest me an end to the story,To be kind..

👼🏻The Golden Period..👻

Don’t you all miss the time??
When we were deprived of any sin or crime??

The days when we used to get up late
Never cared about the day or date
Our whole time business was to eat and sleep
And people suffered from our curiosities deep..

We were always busy playing with our friends
Never thought about the feelings to pretend
We used to run on grass with our feet bare
Still everyone nourished us with love and care..

The days that were so pure and divine..
When the tiniest gestures would make our eyes shine..
The time when we never envied or held grudges
When one simple smile was enough to built bridges..

Far from the business of loss and gain
Away from the feelings of grief and pain
I want to be the naughty girl again
Who thought with her heart instead of mind & brain..