Silent screams..

I want someone beside me but  no one is here..
Can someone hear me?
or I am the only ear?…

Please anyone preach me
Tell me you care..
Does anyone know
That I am dealing with despair…

All of the voices in my head
are telling me to die..
Shall i ignore them
Or just say goodbye..
(Are they real or a lie?)

Would anyone miss me?
Would anyone shed a tear..
If someone wouldnt see me
Will they want to be a bit near?..
Or they wont even notice me disappear

The ones who meant friends
Have all left me one by one..
Millions of tears were shed for them
Maybe approximately a ton..

Does anybody love me?
Do anyone even care..


7 thoughts on “Silent screams..

  1. Soo…annoyng….nicely express the real feelng in wrds… and yess baby a lot of prsn are there for whom u r the wrld ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜€


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