No poem tonight!!

But there is surely something I feel like saying tonight..After I started this blog, a lot of people praised me for my talent..Many of them also questioned God that why they weren’t having any talent of this kind..

 This poetry thing!! It was completely as a sudden..I myself didn’t understand when the weakest of genre became my power of expression..

But now when I have this art of writing, I would like to tell you all that everyone in the world is sent here for a purpose..Everyone is having some tasks to fulfil, some duties to serve..

So peep a little bit inside your body,mind and soul..You will surely find something worth appreciation..

Search for it & once you have found it please move forward in the direction of your dreams..

Who said??.. Who said you arent perfect??.. Who said you are not worth it? Who said you are the only one thatz hurting??

Trust me..

Thatz the flaws of beauty..

Who said you arent pretty??

(Song-Who Said by Selena Gomez)πŸ˜‰


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