Belief, nowadays is what keeps us sane, it is what keeps us alive..

No matter what happens, never loose your faith in God and humanity..

No matter how dark the night is, remember that we can only see light due to that darkness..

The stars don’t shine despite the darkness, they shine because of it..

So whenever you feel that The World is full of wicked and cruel people, remember that the tiniest of the ray of light has the potential to brighten the room..

Dhundla jaaye jo manzilien,ek pal ko tu nazar mila

jhuk jaaye sar jahan,vhin milta hai rab ka raasta

Teri kismat tu badal de,rakh himmat bs chal de

tere saathi mere kadmo k hai nishaan

Tu na jaane, aas pass hai khuda..😊


12 thoughts on “Belief

  1. Whatever was written here was true. Whenever I feel like I have lost everything and thoughts clog up my mind, I listen to this song with closed eyes and it makes me feel so close to God. It’s like he is saying to me keep up the fight.
    So well written. 😊


      1. Yeah.. It helps a lot. I do get depressed. The first time I got depressed I couldn’t understand what happened and why I am behaving like this. Second time, I knew that it will inevitably happen so I just let myself flow with it.
        Mostly it happens with those whose thoughts run much deeper than the common persons.


      2. The people being discussed are the ones like me..Who make their lives hell by overthinking the unnecessary facts..😏
        But from now on I am killing all my negativity..I will try to be happier..Optimistic maybe..
        Would you???

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      3. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ You aren’t alone.
        There are many like you and I am one of that.
        Well, my moods cycle goes on and on. One day, I am so optimistic and other day, I am just lost.
        Although I try to be as much optimistic I can.

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