My first poem..

Hey everyone this was my first poem..That was the first time I felt the excitement and the thrill after  I discovered this talent of mine..

Sharing it with all of you..Hope you all will enjoy..Don’t forget to comment what you feel about it..πŸ’š

The feelings i have for you
You will understand on your own…
I want you around me, beside me
at every dusk and dawn..

You are brighter than the ecplise, clearer than the sky
The moment I see you, I bloom like the 4th of July..

The best part about you is you took a glimpse
Not just at my body, but my soul..
Your love wrenched all of the insecurities, made me feel complete..whole

Shines in the dark, like a jet airline at night…
Your love made me Snowbell, The princess as pure as white..

You my baby, are my brightest possession..
Well, this is just a gesture cause my love is beyond any expression..πŸ’™πŸ’™


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