My feelings for you..!!


It is having you by my side
Your touch gives me utter delight..


I find it inside your arms
When I feel your hands between my palms..


Well, we won’t ever have trust issues
Cause the faith I have in you, you have no clues..


You smile I smile, it works like this
You are the direction to my dreams,made my life a bliss..


Thatz the only feeling I am deprived of nowadays
Cause you brought happiness in my life, like sunrays..

You make me feel like the brisking of leaves..

So pure and untouched

Like the cocoon, the silkworm weaves..


7 thoughts on “My feelings for you..!!

  1. Dear friend,

    Sometimes when we have done mistakes in our lives, we regret them very much and we continue to live in the past as an unsolved riddle, we yearn for going back and change the situation which still have so much effects to our presence. However, what has happened has happened – we cannot change the past but we can change our presence, learning from our mistakes and go living in the presence – if another test comes, then we are prepared and will manage maybe a similiar situation in a better way. The past is dragging us keeping us away from living in the presence and let us mourn and repent in such a strong way that we feel: life has no sense, but we have to come out of this condition, accepting that past is past. We have to forgive ourselves and look forward – slowly slowly life will open again and show its beauties in thousands of wonderful facets. Prepare yourself for this new life, dear friend – out there there is life in full blossom waiting for you. Just detach from old lived moments and invite the present life into your heart and sunshine will follow…

    Wishing you much happiness and thank you so much for sharing your words and thoughts, which I highly appreciate 🙂

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