He never admitted it but was always afraid of the dark..
He always wished for a bridge to take him away..
A ray of light, an enlightened arch..

She had left him,and he had accepted this fact
But couldnot control his tears,
how hard he tried to keep his feelings intact..

She always asked him to change his habits,but only a few
He felt maybe this was the reason the distance between them grew..

Now as he sat along the sea waves, thinking about the past..
He only wished what a time he would had if their relation would last..πŸ’œ

Its strange that when we have something we don’t understand its worth..And when we loose it, we cant stop our heart to blame ourselves for the loss we caused…πŸ™„


12 thoughts on “Darkness!!

  1. If i could ask – was this fuelled by personal experience ? … i understand what you have so beautifully crafted … i lost something precious too which i will never get back and there is nothing that can be done now … Beautiful and deep

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