Letz take a look..

Come and take a look behind the curtain,
You will view a different gal thatz for certain..

She hums the songs,that can make your heads turn..
She reads the books, that can have the lives burn..

She is no poet,but the poem itself
Give her enough rope & she will climb herself..

She wants no sympathy but someone to hear,
She dies inside everyday, yet let her smile cheer..
Beneath the coats of smiles & jokes
She lives a life where the humanity chokes..

She is full of flaws,not at all kind..
Always confused, her sanity is hard to find..

She is a piece of blank coloured paper
With no poetry or animation..
The kind of gal who can always strike
to an artist or writers fascination..

She isnt pretty but one of a kind
In the ways she embraces herself..
An ordinary gal with an extraordinary mind
Neither the vamp nor the fairy or the tiny little elf..👻


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