Missing you comes in waves,
And tonight I am drowning..
The demons in my head are driving me insane..
Its all with worries I am here, crowned in..

Need you here to quiten my mind,
Want some assurance..
Few words of love or a word kind..

My entire essence is attached now
With all the beats of your heart..
The moment I don’t feel your presence..
All of me, the pulses, the veins tear apart..πŸ’œ


24 thoughts on “Separation..

  1. So beautifully expressed …. strikes a chord within me cause i have gone through separation not only from love but from light and happiness …a wonderful poem πŸ™‚

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  2. Her silences
    Are so loud
    They pierce
    My eardrums
    And make my heart
    In the fear
    of Losing
    My most precious thing.
    Brain consoles.
    ‘maybe you have already lost it .’
    Have patience.
    These are rules of life it says.
    Eyes bleed
    Oh, I can’t live without her
    Heart cries.
    Brain forbids
    You can. you can.
    Arguments don’t heal.
    They keep growing.
    Nobody knows
    The soul
    is getting teared apart
    In the whole chaos.

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