The bird with broken wings..!!

She felt suffocated with every breath she took..It wasnt as if people didn’t love her..The kind of pampered kid she was, she was blessed with every thing a girl would die for..But still she felt choked..

She was the bird trapped in a cage. All her wishes were fulfilled before she actually wished for…The only thing she was devoid of was freedom..The bird was not allowed to fly..

People wanted her to smile..They used to say that her smile lightens the room..But they didnt want  her wings to develop..How could she smile with her wings broken??

There were people to love her…(Yeah!! Love her with terms and conditions..)But there was no one to understand her..No one to lend her a shoulder to cry..

She was surrounded by a bubble of love and care..But with time that bubble neglected love and care and was only full of posession..

The bubble inside which she once felt safe and found solace, now suffocated her..

And now she was exhausted…Tired from everything..!Neither crazy nor smiling..!!


36 thoughts on “The bird with broken wings..!!

      1. Btw I would like to say something in reply to this beautiful post of yours, you need to understand guys point of view too, soon on my blog!

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      2. I have so much to say on this topic, you have touched a very sensitive topic, thank you for this, I would come with a complete post.

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  1. The way you express what a girl goes through is truly beautiful … in india well girls are supposed to be this way or that way and i hate this orthodox society … if they cud just understand that a girl just wants to be free …..Beautiful!!

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