A shout out to all the girlfriends out there…

Originally posted at The Markanday blog by one of my favourite bloggers Karan Markanday..

Please please take a look!!..Its worth a minute of yours..❣️

First off, it’s my sincere request to all the feminists to stay away from this very sensitive topic. Dear Girlfriends (of their respective boyfriends 😋), I keep hearing this all the time, my boyfriend is controlling, he stops me talking to certain people, he doesn’t let me do this, do that, I feel suffocating, I […]


And reblog it if you find it worthwhile..P.S. It certainly is!!❣️💚


13 thoughts on “A shout out to all the girlfriends out there…

  1. one should not silent the one they say they love. if he/she is controlling and you are not into that sort of thing, then move on. to control just shows one is insecure in the relationship and maybe, the woman is giving him reason to do so. one should not control the other in the relationship, but know when to guide, lead or follow. and remember, relationships take two to work.

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