Owe to mumma papa!!

Parents are the most pleasant gift of God..This poem of mine is dedicated to my muma papa..❣️

It seems to me that I am prepared for the future
scared of the commitments, but still ready to nurture..

All of the feelings I have
They are new..
Have some memories of my childhood
But only a few..

The moments when muma helped me gulp the glass of milk
The time when I was frightened, and she hid me in her duppatta, silk..

I remember the days, when papa cured my diseases & illness
When he converted all my defects into brilliance..

I grew up to be a rebel, the kid I was used to be
Hurted and argued with my parents for the world I wanted to see..

But now its time to take the bigger step with every chance I get
Cause I want to save my whole existence from this regret..

Want to be the kind of daughter, they expect..
Beautiful with her flaws, but the opposite of perfect..

Young in age, but mature by mind..
Papa! your little kid is still not hard to find..!!❀️


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