๐Ÿ’šThe imperfect crime๐Ÿ‘บ

She was perfect.Atleast that was what everybody told her..The shining star of her parents’ eyes..

The tiny little gal for her siblings (and they rarely accepted but were proud of her)

The beauty, the talent which her friends envied..

She was a perfect amalgam of beauty with brains..She had always heard people say that..

She was a mentor for the kids at her school..Her students loved her, worshipped her for being herself

The school staff praised her for all her achievements..

But she committed a crime..A crime of falling in love..

And that crime cost her everything she had..She was then judged by everyone..Criticized by all of the people who once praised her..That crime cost her a fortune..
Was that really a huge crime??


48 thoughts on “๐Ÿ’šThe imperfect crime๐Ÿ‘บ

      1. I also feel so when a couple want to marry that time our parent want to match economical condition , salary or house property many more things , main problem is racism which is on high now days
        They can’t develop their mind cz of our environment ,cz all situations are messy

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  1. When I saw the title, I never even imagined in my wildest dreams that it would be about love. But it’s true, sometimes in India we do see love as a crime. It’s unfortunate though!
    Even if love is declared a crime I’m very sure that everyone will still commit it. There should be not filters to love, nobody falls in ‘true love’ by looking at the bank balance or the religion or even the complexion. Love is a feeling so pure and divine, maybe it’s time we just allow love to be love and not inflict our wierd thoughts to it…..Great post! Really loved it.

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    1. “Even if love is declared a crime Iโ€™m very sure that everyone will still commit it”..But whats the use of comitting such a crime which will result in hollowness..Most of the love stories we have in the real world are incomplete..
      Thnq so much though for sharing your views and opinions..๐Ÿค—Glad you liked it

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  2. Love and to be in love and to love someone is not a crime. It is the ignorance of society to think of love as a crime. If love is to be a crime and to love someone no matter who they are to be a crime I’m willing to serve the time. To change any societies hold I’d love to be a crime we must all stand up and look at them eye to eye and say no this is no crime. So cast off the chains of society and love who you want to love. And for those who do not understand and to hold on to the ignorance just tell them you love them also.

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  3. Very sweetly presented. Has this been discussed with the parents asking for their views or support? I had a friend who waited eight years or so till her parents were convinced. What parents probably want to protect their child/help with is genetic issues, moral background, and frivolity of love as a time-pass?

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