Our story..

Everything is perfect,
 but there is a pain in my heart..
Millions of words left unsaid,
but don’t know from where to start..

I am seeing around a couple
With my hands cold and feet bare…
Hoping we will be together soon
And the world would turn again to stare..

Remember the times,
Your so called first impression??
The days when ur presence annoyed me
I wasnt ready to confront you in any condition..

I used to insult all of your compliments
Never did we get along..
It was in bin all of your sweet gestures went
Now i realise, how i was cruelly wrong..

Then there was this phase, when we became friends
Its when I understood instead of just a random guy,
You were a complete gentleman..

Behind those tiny eyes,
I saw ample of concern and care..
I met the kid who stood strong
In his days of despair..

Our affection grew,
and we shared the bond
Both of us woven into each other
Like the bubbles in a frozen pond..

With time, our care turned out to the thing we call love..
Ordinary yet shined elegantly, like the stars we see above..

Sometimes we meet people who bound us with a spell
And this is true..
Because all of these feelings I never thought of
I’ve experienced them with you..โค


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