❤Missing you bhaia..❤

I never actually thought that I will miss him this much..His thoughts, his scoldings, the ways in which he irritated me, the gestures through which he showed his concern arent leaving my mind for a while…

I miss you bhaia..I remember the way we held our tears at the airport..I still remember our last eye contact..The way you looked into my eyes and your eyes assured  that you will be fine and asked me not to worry..I still remember the concern of your eyes which asked me to take care of myself..The eyes which said to be with muma papa..to comfort them..

Come soon bhaia..I really miss you..

(Itni yaad aari h ki poem b ni bnri!!..Take care bhaia)..


52 thoughts on “❤Missing you bhaia..❤

  1. I too miss my brother , since last 4 years we are living in different cities ,we meet twice in a month but I miss those days when we fought together and made lot of nonsense at home 😓😓😓.
    Actually every year of our life steal something .

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      1. Haan , no need of showing off Bhen bhai fir v thoda bhut express kr lete hain kuki women god gifted expressive hoti h like my mom bt AGR bhai bhai ho to kabhi aisi chij ati ni😁😁ldai arguments bss yhi SB hota hai
        Same thing apply on father-son relationship kabhi express ni krta koi b

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  2. I don’t know what to say! I feel sad actually, why don’t I have a sister like you!
    I’m single (…No siblings wala😜 and the other one too) and I do get this feeling very often that we all need siblings, something so special about it! But I won’t say that I miss having a sibling(but my cousins never let me feel that void)….Poem nahi likhi toh kya hua, baat toh bayan ho gayi na!

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    1. Thatz what I was feeling..That I am surrounded by my whole family..But he went to a new place..A place where he knows none..
      He has to be more strong..
      And the same applies on you..Stay strong Stay blessed😊..Whatever happening is for your own good..😊

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  3. My dear I was in same situation few years back.. My brother left for Bangalore leaving behind his newly wed wife and my mom under my charge along with my dad..And that too happened on my mum’s birthday.. Can’t even explain how tough it was for us.. Though with a matter of time things worked in our favour and he came back after a year with a project in Delhi and after that he got a good opportunity in Delhi.. So my advice is just be strong and be hopeful about positive things.. Your post has actually brought back my memories.. Lots of love to you dear :))

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    1. Newly wedded wife and That too on your mother’s birthday..That would have been hard…Good to know that things worked out nicely..I wish the same for Bhaia as well.
      I wish you & ur family all the love and happiness of the world..Stay blessed🤗

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  4. Dear friend,

    This is just love – when there is separation between loved ones and family members, the heart is crying like anything. But be sure that your brother will be fine and the day will come when you will see each other again. 🙂

    All good wishes

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  5. i dont have a sibling so im envious of you !!! But those pure emotion that you have towards your brother are truly beautiful and touching !! I hope you meet him soon 🙂

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  6. Amazing platform is this, people share their views, their experiences either good or bad, some of them make way for their thoughts through poems, some lighten their heart by sharing purest of emotional sentiments.
    Truely wonderful is this platform and the people using it.
    You may not be able to share this feelings with your brother but I am sure that one day you will make him proud.
    Best wishes for you and your family.

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