One Indian Gal..

She is different, not like the rest..
What she is! her family knows the best.

She feels judged, whenever she speaks 
Society makes her feel nervous, even when her confidence is at peak.

The gal who has grown up & can fight with the world alone..
But still needs the tender love and care like a newborn..

She is introvert, you can’t call her bashful..
She provides the love she deserves countless, bountiful

She is like the meteor, struck in the sky..
She is the seawave who soothes every passer by..

The gal beautiful with her brown skin tone..
From whom the birth place decides the comfort zone..

And when the roads of her life become slippery and she fall
She gets up again and forgets it all..

Thatz how all of us are..Proud to be  a galπŸ’›….Proud to be Indian..


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