Nationalism v/s Antinationalism..

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Since, there this issue didnt get the desired attention..So I felt the need to reblog it..All of the Indians present here!..please read it and then decide who actually is to be blamed. So here goes his post:

Disclaimer – These are purely my thoughts and I strongly believe on them. Yours may differ and again, I may or may not agree with your views. So, surge ahead with caution.

Exactly, one year ago.

Jawaharlal National University or JNU which is in Delhi witnessed something new. Some slogans were raised which were about Kashmir’s independence and Afzal Guru’s conviction. Slogans like “Bharat tere tukde honge”, “Tum jitney afzal maroge, har ghar se afzal niklega” and likewise were raised.

Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid were booked under anti national charges among another one. They are out on bail.

I mentioned about these two only because they hogged limelight the most….

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9 thoughts on “Nationalism v/s Antinationalism..

  1. I’m from the US. I don’t believe in Nationalism. It separates people and causes chaos and conflict. When one has the mentality that they are better than the other that is the recipe for trouble. I guess I am too optimistic about everyone just getting along. I certainly don’t like the Nationalism here.

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      1. I didn’t mean you shouldn’t care for your nation, what I meant was one shouldn’t feel they are better than the other. I feel that provokes and intimidates conflict. India is pretty diverse with different sects, so I understand what you are saying and how you feel.

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