The incomplete me..

I know I get a lot angry..I know I scream..
But all I want is to wake up from this nightmare that people call dream..

I wont ever be perfect
I wont ever be good enough
I cry every night to my pillow
But on outside I try to be hard and tough..

I want people to understand me
I want people to care.
I want someone’s shoulder beside me
And tell me that they are here..

I am the one who cant say this to someone’s face
I am the one who is trying to walk away from the world at a different pace..

I am the one who runs away when anything in life goes wrong..
I am the one who overthinks everything for way too long..

I am the one who reacts less than I feel..
Am I the one who deserves more pain than my body can heal??..

What I am is because of my own..
A timid gal who questions the reason she was born..!!


82 thoughts on “The incomplete me..

  1. Dear friend,

    Thanks for sharing your feelings and thoughts – the more we walk along our life the more it seems that many stay back on other roads. However, there is one advantage even when being alone, we can be to ourselves as we are, we need not to put a mask on to protect us or to play an act that we do not like and yet swimming between hope to find similar people and our time spending in correspondence (thoughts) with ourselves. Sometimes we are like small waves on shallow water yearing for a storm, for a change, a change of the everyday rythms of our life…

    Be blessed and embraced
    Have a happy time

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  2. Wonderful depiction of life … the best solution I got so far is to meet new people who are going through these mixed emotions and yet appreciates small things in life so that we can fight back !!

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  3. such emotions … i understand them …the way you write is truly beautiful .. i came to read something beautiful today and i think i just found it … not over exxagerating … its just that these words resonated strongly with me ….
    “I am the one who runs away when anything in life goes wrong..I am the one who overthinks everything for way too long..” – yup nothing else to say πŸ™‚

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      1. I do not know I do not feel like writing anymore. My writings are offending some people here I guess. I do not prefer writing even, if it has the power to offend every single person. I do not write to offend anyone 😒

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