Failed Friendship..

You were like a sister to me
You were my favourite friend
I always thought we shared the bond
That would never end..

You remember the time when we were in school
Our relation depended on only one rule..
You smiled, I smiled it always worked like that
My mind was filled with your thoughts, your heart-my habitat..

What happened I can’t blame it all on you
But tell me what am I supposed to do??

Everyone says its going to be all right
Do you know I pray for you every single night??
People say you will come back to me
But I feel it impossible,why can’t everyone see!!

Your memories will be there,until I die..

One day together we shall twinkle in the night sky..


49 thoughts on “Failed Friendship..

      1. Then I can absolutely, totally relate to this…I wrote something under the very similar idea once! I think it was called Evanescent▪take them off your mind and burn their ahses!

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