👼🏻Bhaia’s first holi without our presence..💚

If you had read my earlier posts..You all must be knowing that Bhaia isnt at home…He is too busy with his job, office etc etc..

But yeah!..He came yesterday for around 12 hours😞and left making us miss him more today..

Now am here, getting bored without him..Cant  do much except pray for his wellness & success..👼🏻..God bless him..

And here is another piece of feelings, I wrote for him today..

Somedays we meet people worth dying for

They adore us in everyway

The ones who help us grow up more..✌🏻

The ones with spirits as pure as a dove

The ones who make us believe in the heaven above..🌤

They tread on the clouds & sometimes they fall

But they fall like the dew..

Which comforts yet makes no noise at all..⛈

Their presence assures a radiant smile

They release every burden

As light as a feather or heavy that of a pile..🛍

Some meet those people 

But we since birth share that eternal bond

As all of my problems cease to exist

Whenver you shake ur magic wand..💫💥

And today, on this holi..I wish

You fly high, higher than the sky

That one day the whole world will be proud of u

As I am because of my BHAI..❤👼🏻

Stay blessed bhaia😘🤗


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