Outside & Inside..

Outside lives a girl
whose smile brightens the room..
Inside she is the girl
Who has a frown, is always gloom..

The gal on outside is there for everyone
At any hour, time or day
But on inside the same girl
is searching for a companion to play..

She lives with a personality
That everyone envies..
But there are days when
She cant even smile with ease..

On outside, she is the gal of
dreams and aspirations..
But on inside she is confused
With her grief and depressions..

She is lost like a star
in the endless night sky,
But her chirping is felt
As the cuckoos flying by…

Her eyes usually say , much more than it is said..

The girl with a constant feeling,she is better off dead..


62 thoughts on “Outside & Inside..

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  2. Dear Anji

    I think we all are wearing some kind of masks for our outside world – as we do not want to be hurt, want to be ackknowledged, get some attention, some love – inside we maybe different, sometimes even opposite: outside we love and have fun and inside we are sad (like a coin with two sides) – the society does not really help because they struggele themselves with this kind of coin – but there is one thing: if we for example really believe in God, our Father for everyone – then this feeling grow in you that you are never alone – He is with you in the temple of your heart – always – friends and even spouses may leave you but He never will leave you. When we understand this: the shadow thinks it is moving but infact it is the light that is moving the shadow – then we understand that we are not the doers – pain in us and happiness comes all from the mind – so if we surrender to this Power over us, the Ocean of all Consciousness, then we no longer swim against the tide but swim within the Will of God – and in this case nothing can bring us down…

    All the best dear friend, and head up!

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      1. Dear Anji,

        The thank and credit goes to my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji – from Him I have learnt so much and nothing I am without Him. The meaning of spirituality is: Man know thyself – it means when our mind reacts in this or that way then we should observe it carefully – because the mind controls us, one minute we are angry and the next moment we are happy again – we have to look at it to find out its real motives “what does it want in us” with strictness towards ourselves and honesty we also can see all the tricks with which out mind is confronting us – in doing so we become conscious, consciously we can see the wheelings and dealings of our mind and avoid to fall in the same trap in which usually we fall again and again. When starting with sincere honesty towards ourselves and others, with this kind of honesty towards God, then we can make the next step: to begin to see that we are all one, all sitting in the same boat and then we can start to help each other with this deep understanding of oneness and unity – as the drop of the ocean is united with the ocean.

        I wish you a happy time and strength and courage to cope with all adversities which may occour in your life.

        All the best, dear friend πŸ™‚

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  3. we chose whom we are to be. one can not be who they are without a bit of the yin/yan of life. just dont let the bad run your life, but know it is a part of it. though we may think we need a companion to complete us, we already have that within us.
    i for one, would not feel better off without you in this life.

    i hope you move out of these down feelings quickly.

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  4. I loved each stanza and the ironical contrast brought forth .. I guess almost all the people who read this will relate to it and that’s what makes this a phenomenal piece of writing! You’ve maintained the rhymes as if it’s a piece of cake! πŸ‘Œ

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  5. You are so good with your expressions. Please trust that life has something special tucked away somewhere, just for you! If you ask me, I will just say: it’s a game of treasure hunt! Get up, cheer up, and be ready for the adventure of life and all types of surprises are headed your way!

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  6. “She lives with a personality
    That everyone envies..
    But there are days when
    She cant even smile with ease..”
    have i ever told u that your words just entrance me ….. they are sooooooooooooooooo beautiful and i mean it earnestly

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