👼🏻A non prejudiced kid❣️

Once while sitting on her desk
She met an angel by her side
It was the Lord or a masked man
She found it hard to decide..

She had a plenty of questions for the angel to answer
Why she being a girl, felt like a disaster..??

She wanted to know why people separate their way
Why they dont expect their beloved to stay..??

Why most of the times feelings are crumpled by society’s wish??
Why even after marriage, its love that, we all still miss..??

Why the people are judged among various colours, castes and races..??
Cant we accept the souls, instead of judging a few faces..?

The angel asked to wait for the world pure as the heaven above..
Where racism cant destroy our hearts connected with love..

But its hard for the day to come.
So she has decided time answers all,
If it is meant to be,
then time will remove the wall..


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