Story of her life..

Her soul wandered alone
In search of someone,who could handle her with prons and cons..

Someone who was ready to make her feel worthwhile
Someone who was ready for her to walk a thousand mile..

And then like it happens in the fairytale
She found him as the clouds between hail..

He looked like a prince from a disputed province
And could feel her pain in her ever wince..

He was Perfect, what people call Mr. Right
Someone who ate after she grabbed her bite..
He looked at her, as she was the most desirable
He loved her for being herself, the reasons weren’t quite reasonable..

The fairytale soon ended and the reality struck..
When he understood the things she always sucked..
He was so close to her,she made him see her flaws..
And he understood the difference between cuckoos and crows…

He understood that she wasn’t that good at all
Yet, he caught her at her every fall..

Inside the superwoman he had met
He saw the kid who hadnt matured yet..

The gal who couldnt handle herself at her worst
The gal whose love wasnt enough to fill her thirst..

But little did the young man knew
That the gal loved him upside down
She was ready to shoff the head of someone
Who would make the guy’s forhead frown..

He was everything,she had ever owned..
He was her baby,her newborn..
He wasnot just her life, but the love of her existence..
But he left her for the defects of maintenance..

He couldnot understood, well no one ever will
For she was found along the coast,the mound of hill
Which is crippled by the notorious kids
The ones who arent intentional to tatter her to tits..

She was always insecure,posessive and obsessed
Because for the pains in her life, she needed his shoulder to rest.

He mistook her insecurities as mistrust
The way love is equally compared to lust..
The youngman should have known
He was the only posession, she owned..

But everything was a bit late,

Because now her mind was filled with the thoughts she ate..

She had affected his mind

Well suggest me an end to the story,To be kind..


50 thoughts on “Story of her life..

      1. He was the only possession she had and yet it became the most dreaded possession she ever had.
        He left her to leave her behind all alone on her own without a comforting shoulder.
        It broke her down as to how can the one she loved so much left her without giving any reasons. She was angry and hurt.
        This step of his turned her into a girl who stopped believing in love. She developed hate for the idea of love.
        She created a cocoon around herself and lived in it comfortably without anyone trying to poke into it.

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      2. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ Acha acha… I will mend it…
        Her cocoon was inpenetratable as she thought but she was really wrong. And one fine day, a guy just like the earlier fairytale came into her life. She resisted his entry into her life but he kept making inroads into her life. She couldn’t stop herself from falling in love all over again as he had something which the previous one didn’t had.

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      3. But what if she was posesive for the second guy as well..What if she was so insecure for him that she forgot his love for her as well??..
        What if the girl’s love, her overpowering feelings were the problem and the guy wasnt at any fault??

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      4. Love has no place for insecurities. Possessiveness occurs but it shouldn’t change into insecurity. Then girl has to understand that the guy has to be given a bit of space too.
        Love blooms when both understand each others problems and try to solve them. The guy should try to solve her insecurities.

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      5. Yup, they are a part of us but we should try to keep them away from relationships.
        Then she should try to make the guy understand that how much it means to her if he shares his problems with her.

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  1. So beautiful !!!
    ” He mistook her insecurities as mistrust
    The way love is equally compared to lust..
    The youngman should have known
    He was the only posession, she owned.” -words that you have written are so beautifully crafted and meaningful πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am a bit busy nowadays..Actually I wasnt feeling good for a few days and urs this text did an amazing job to cheer me up..I finally smiled after a long while..Will write something soon..😘😘😘


      1. Yours..πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
        (Mental Note: I will have to read your blog as soon as I’ll get time..)
        But i deep down I can bet for you to be a good presenter of your words..😊


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