📃Her life- A crumpled paper📑❗️

Her life was a crumpled piece of paper

As empty as a broken shell

You brought in it the bright winter sunshine

Taking away the pale frights, the pains, and fears of hell..

She was always scared between the blue

From ghosts and spirits, the monsters untrue..

Apart from the imaginary, the living ones would scare her off

The stories of rape & molestation

The masks people were not ready to take off..

You came in like a rainstorm

And sent your voice through the night

You sang the melodies with the raindrops

And broke her darkness with your light..

You shielded her from the cold, the icy winter frost..

Heard the tale of the girl who always seemed so lost.

Your tiny eyes had bountiful love within,

That calmed the storm of agitation which in her had begin..

She does not know how to say this say

But believe her when she says it is true..

That there can’t be a better husband

Than the one she has found in you..


Our society♥️

Hello fellows!..Society is an internal part of our lives and we an indispensable member of it.

Some of the days we laugh and cry with them while on others we laugh and cry due to them. Society is a mere name given to the people like us, who judge, question and react on every action of ours like the way we do.. Despite our million grieviances, we can never really live without them.

Through a poem, here I am going to present a brief description of what society is.

Hey, let me make u meet the society

The ones, there with you in virtues and sins,

We are the ones who show you the path

And then create hinderances when it begins..

We are there to share your happiness

Will always comfort during your stay

Please feel free to be yourself

Until all your deeds are justified in our way..

We will praise you for the beauty,

But will tear it off when in excess..

We will bully you for smiling

And will question when you are in distress..

What we want is you to be happy

But only when its we who make the rule..

We will treat you as the indestructible genius..

But for us you are nothing more than a fool..

You can fall in love with anyone..

Only if we are granted the right to choose..

Being in love is not a crime

But we always have the authority to refuse..

So, now when you are here

Acquaint yourself with the laws,

Cause Every decision of yours would be shaped in our views

As we the society, can never be put at pause..

If you want to change the way the society thinks about you, change your point of view about people..🙏🏻

What do you feel about the society. Do comment. I am all ears to all your views..❗️

Caste Reservation⁉️

Hello world!..

All of my Indian friends would be acquainted with the idea of reservation in India..To all those who aren’t let me provide a brief description of the concept of reservation..It is

Allocation of seats in most of the fields for some castes which had been oppressed by the so called upper castes in the ancient times..

The concept of caste reservation usually disgusts the so called upper castes now who forget the ways in which they harassed and opressed the people who were not like them. Either it be untouchability or any other kind of discrimination, we have always been harsh to our brothers belonging to different communties. And today by providing some quota or reservation, we feel as if we have performed a great deed of kindness or service for them.

Since my birth, I never understoodthis discrimination being adopted on this holy land of India. But now wherever I go, I realise it being practiced. I wish to know who are we to decide a human’s superiority over the other? Who are we to treat people as unequals? Somedays I wonder, that India has still not developed due to this sick and conservative mentality of the Indians..

In the end, what I want to say is that we are not doing any favour by providing the reservation, It is their right..And more than the reservation they want respect. They deserve respect. They deserve love..But it is a shame that we are full of ourselves that we forget humanity…We forget the actual meaning of fraternity..

For the sake of love❣️

The name Anank still had the power to set her heart racing and to give her goosebumps..She had around a thousand memories associated with that name..Indelible memories..She still thinks how they were inseparable, how he was taking her marriage with Anank for granted, how he was the first thought of her morning, how her days ended with him on the phone, how he used to sing lullabies to make her fall asleep..How she was would call him until her phone was recieved..How much he worshipped her..How he treated her like a goddess..How much she laughed when she was with him ( O God! She hasn’t laughed like that since three years now) What a special feeling it was..What a wonderful relation and at a sudden..BOOM..All of was gone..All of the love and what was left was a void..A sense of loss..A deep sense of helplessness..A sense of longing..And to fill the hole that his absence has created, her parents produced Arjun as a consolation..

Arjun who belonged to the same community and earned well, hence wad regarded a perfect match for her..And for her parents’ desires her feelings had long ago choked..Its been three years since she got married to Arjun..Arjun is good, he is fun loving, good looking, caring, respects Her, is loyal and fulfils all her needs..He is what a woman needs..He understands her and at times apologises when needed..But he is not Anank..

With him too, she misses the rawness that her relation with Anank had..She wishes not to had forcefully given up on Anank..She wishes a life with him..But as has been said

Some people aren’t meant to be..God sends some of the people only to teach us a lesson..

She misses him..

What do you feel about arranged marriages?..Please do comment..Want to hear your views❣️

Lifemates Vs Soulmates..💛

Heya..As promised, Here am I breathing and back😊

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about lifemates and soulmates..Being an Indian, most of the marriages I have witnessed around me are arranged ones..Yeah, Its true that I have seen these couples fight rarely..And while there are no great disagreements or fights, I now realise, I have never seen them bring out the best in each other..These people compromise, adjust and stay in the marriage like everyone else who never have too much to complain about..

But with soulmates, it is different..Their love is different comforting..Their feelings are different..With our soulmate, we transform..Our soulmates, bring the best in us..We turn into something we never thought we would one day become..We learn from each other, we help each other grow..Its not like soulmates are similar but its the variety in their nature that makes their relation dynamic..They fight, but they make up.. They have their own code of understanding..They hurt each other’s ego and cause turmoil..They have a deep connection with each other’s consciousness..There is an intensity..There is a knowing that magnetically attracts each other..They not only bring the best but at times, the worst in each other..Their relationship works without any work..Amazing life lessons are conferred through such a relation..

A soulmate’s purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to tranform your life.” ~

Elizabeth Gilbert

Have you ever had this brief encounter with someone?..Have you ever had someone who made you acquaint all of the talents that you are now praised for?..Have you ever met someone with whom you had felt this internal connection that the universe won’t understand?..That someone who despite all the arguements was special in his own way..

P.S. Having been spend around one fourth of my life..Never have I ever experienced seeing any couple that could be regared as “soulmate”..(Maybe, soulmates aren’t meant to be😞).

If you are with your soulmate or have seen someone like that..Feel free to share your experience..♥️

Thank you❤️

Hello people!..Hey!

I know I haven’t posted anything new since a long time..Actually I was busy..

Well!..Whom am I kidding!!..Certainly was not that busy as not to blog ( That is inexcusable, I feel)…Lets just frame it this way that I wasn’t in the best of my humour these days..But today I dont know why I felt like talking to my ‘Nameless friends!!..

More than everything it is a Thank You post..

Thank You each an everyone of you for being there..You all mean a lot to me( Trust me, everyone of you)..I never understood when all my random blabbering shifted to a soothing relation between us..The virtual connection that I have set up with you all is strangely comforting💛.. Yeah! There are a few among us who are there here between us for popularity and likes and followers or money making (Ouch, Truth sometimes hurts) but with some of you I have developed this genuine relationship.. A lot of you have been there with me in my ups and downs..This platform is more than a social networking site for me, you all help me release all of my stress..You all release me from all of the burden in my life..

So Thank you so much everyone for being there everytime I felt low..(Someone or the other from you was always here)..All of you are doing an amazing job inspiring the novice kinds of people like me..💛Within your company, I have found my inner self..

Stay blessed dosto😊..You have been my friend, that in itself is a tremendous job..😉

And from now on, I promise I will try to be regular here..Sorry for the delay in the post..Hope you all will forgive..🙈😊

Enjoying festivities ??

The festive season is soon to arrive..
But a girl will then find it hard to survive..

Between the enlightening lanterns and lights..
For her it will be a lonely night..

She is searching for a ray of guidance to see
But all her near ones can’t hear her plea..

She started a fire, which she doesnot know how to light..
She feels so helpless, she has given up her sight..

She watches the joy on people’s faces
Excited about their celebration
But there she is devoid of any emotion
Completely lost from her destination…